Tarea:  Oda a tu comida preferida                                   
Due Friday, 3/2

· Use the oda that you did in your WB on pg 219 (or write a new one) to create a poster in Spanish.

· Minimum of 10 lines; make sure to include an image that goes along with your ode.

· Work by yourself; save it as a picture and upload it to your weebly site (portafolio section), and then print it out when you're done or you may print it at home.

· If you don't finish in the library you need to finish it for homework (due on 3/2).

1) Did you post it on your blog in your portafolio?
2) Did you print a copy to turn in or save it to work on later?
3) If you don't print it out in the library it is due Monday, 3/2.

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