Tarea:  Oda a tu comida preferida                                   
Due Friday, 3/2

· Use the oda that you did in your WB on pg 219 (or write a new one) to create a poster in Spanish.

· Minimum of 10 lines; make sure to include an image that goes along with your ode.

· Work by yourself; save it as a picture and upload it to your weebly site (portafolio section), and then print it out when you're done or you may print it at home.

· If you don't finish in the library you need to finish it for homework (due on 3/2).

1) Did you post it on your blog in your portafolio?
2) Did you print a copy to turn in or save it to work on later?
3) If you don't print it out in the library it is due Monday, 3/2.

FGM Verb Poster ‐ due Friday, November 30, 2012

Assignment: You are creating a poster (8x5" x 11") for the mnemonic Fat Green Men Quietly Eat Ice Cream Daily. On your poster you will need to include the mnemonic, a picture, and examples for each of the seven words: faltar/fascinar, gustar, molestar, quedar, encantar, importar/interesar and doler (pick either faltar or fascinar / importar or interesar). You may make up your own mnemonic and earn 1 pt extra (you can put the letters in any order you'd like).

You may use MS Word, MS Publisher, MS Powerpoint (set to 8.5” x 11” margins) or Pages (if on the Mac) to create your sentences and appropriate graphics (either use clip art or search on images.google.com ) If you finish in class on Wednesday you may print it out in the computer lab (no charge). If not you will need to print it out on your own time or at home. If you don't print it out in class you can print it out before/after school in the library for 10 cents.

Dates: HW for 11/28 ‐ Write sentences down for each FGM verb and bring them written out (you may also bring them typed on your flash drive/printed out to save you time on Wednesday in the computer lab). Due on Thursday,  November 29th.

HW for 11/29 ‐ Finish and print out your assignment and turn it in on Friday, November 30, 2012. When you are DONE you also need to save it as an image and post it to your blog as a new post to your digital portfolio

  • 7 pts sentences (use of correct grammar/vocabulary)
  •   3 pts creativity/presentation (font, images, layout)
Total: 10 pts possible

Reminders: Bring your ID card on Thursday, 11/29 or you’ll lose a bonus pass and be required to do this assignment at home. 

•Finished & printed poster should be turned in on or before Friday, November 30, 2012

•When you are DONE you also need to save it as an image and post it to your blog as a new post to your digital portfolio

(See a sample above!)
La tarea de hoy (el 16 de noviembre de 2012)
1) Lee los escritos rápidos tuyos (read your quick writes)
2) Escoge tu escrito rápido preferido (pick your favorite one)
3) Escríbelo a maquina (type it) en Microsoft Word.
4) Añade, agrega, arregla, (fix and add) lo que necesita.
5) Nómbralo (name it) con un título interesante y añade una foto (add a photo)
6) Imprímelo en MS Word y dáselo a la señora Marcroft (print it/turn it in)
4) Pégalo (paste it) en tu blog en la sección de Portafolio (paste it into your blog as a new post in your Portafolio section!)
8) Publícalo (publish it*!)

-- If you don't finish in class then it is due the Monday you get back! --

If you haven't already made a tab for your portfolio do so!

To add a tab to your blog:
1) Go to your Weebly editor
2) Click on Pages
3) Select New Blog (pick which layout you like) and name it Portafolio
4) Add a post with your assignment (drag the writing + picture element into the post)
5) PUBLISH to save your changes and make them "live" on your blog.

*I like to save the draft and then publish in case there is an error publishing!

Hello all!

The first thing that you'll need to do is to sign up for a Weebly account if you don't have one. Then you'll need to pick a design template. There are lots of them (probably 100 or 200) so if you see one that you like click the star in the upper left hand corner to make it a favorite so that you can find it easily after!

Then you can start to work on your home screen!
  • Find a picture
  • Figure out a title
  • Start writing a little bio about yourself (in Spanish!)
  • Email me your URL! :)

If you have any questions you may e-mail me! :)