So you've done your work and printed it out but I told you to publish it to your blog on your portfolio page...how do you do it?

I. First off, if you haven't created a tab/page for your portfolio you need to do so.
To add a tab to your blog:
1) Go to your Weebly editor
2) Click on Pages
3) Select New Blog (pick which layout you like) and name it Portafolio
4) Add a post with your assignment (drag the writing + picture element into the post)
5) PUBLISH to save your changes and make them "live" on your blog.
*I like to save the draft and then publish in case there is an error publishing!

II. To save your work as an image:
1) Highlight all of the text boxes and images (you can drag an imaginary box around them with the mouse, do CTRL (PC) or COMMAND (Mac) + a or hold down SHIFT as you click on each text and image box.)
2) Right click on an image or the edge of text box (or on a Mac hold down the CTRL key and right click) and choose Save As Picture (or Image) and then save it on the desktop so you can find it!
3) If you're working in PPT you can tell go to file --> Save As Pictures and it will create the images for you!

III. Alternative Ways To Save Images

1. If you're using Microsoft Word it is harder to save your pictures and text boxes as an image. One way you can do it is to 1) save it as a .pdf, 2) open the PDF, 3) Go to tools-->select and zoom --> snapshot and it will create an image for you on the "virtual clipboard" then you can paste it into your word document and right click on it (now that it is an image) and then tell it "save as picture" and then you can upload it to your blog! 

2) If you happen to be on a Mac you can make an image this way too: COMMAND + SHIFT + F4 (all at the same time) you should see a little image replace your pointer on your mouse similar to the image below. When you see it you can draw an imaginary box around it and it will create an image for you on the desktop called Picture 1 (or 2 or 3). If you mess up just do it again! If you don't want the cross hairs to be there click ESC!
Accent Marks A little bit of the foreign language teacher knows how handy these are for me!!
Accent marks/punctuation on the Mac

á, é, í, ó, ú = Press Option + E, release, then enter the vowel where you want

the accent mark

ñ = Press Option + n, release, then enter N a second time

¿ = Press Option/Shift + ?

¡ = Press Option + 1

ü = Press Option + U, release, then enter U a second time

Accent marks/punctuation on a PC

In MS Word you can do the easy way Ctrl + ' + letter or you can hold down the Alt key and type use the 3 digit code or 4 digit code

á = Ctrl+' then a or Alt + 160 / 0225

é = Ctrl+' then e or Alt + 130 / 0233

í = Ctrl+' then i or Alt + 161 / 0237

ñ = Ctrl+Shift+~ then n or Alt + 164 / 0241

ó = Ctrl+' then o or Alt + 162 / 0243

ú = Ctrl+' then u or Alt + 163 / 0250

ü = Ctrl+Shift+: then u or Alt + 129 / 0252

¿ = Alt+Ctrl+Shift+? or Alt + 168 / 0191

¡ = Alt+Ctrl+Shift+! or 173 / 0161